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Council tax help and advice

We have staff that will help you at any stage of the collection process, from the time we send you a Council Tax bill.

Please do not ignore any letters or notices we send you about your council tax arrears.

If you think your notice is wrong, please phone, email or write to us and we will investigate for you. If you owe other debts to the Council as well, such as rent arrears or overpaid benefits, please tell us because we may be able to help you make an arrangement that takes those debts into account.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your council tax, you can apply for council tax support.  There is also help available for people paying rent, you can apply for housing benefit.

Both schemes are available to help people on low incomes.

We cannot help you unless you contact us. The number is (01453) 754859.


If you cannot afford to pay your bills, including council tax, and you would prefer to seek independent advice, there are various organisations that can help you.  Please see our help with debt page for further details.

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