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COVID-19 Council Tax Hardship Fund 2020/21

The government announced in its budget a £500m hardship fund for billing authorities to deliver relief to council tax payers in their area. The funding is for the 2020/21 financial year and allocations of the funding along with guidance has been released.

For further guidance please click the links below:


COVID-19 Council Tax Hardship Fund 2020/21

SDC Council Tax Hardship Scheme 2020/21

SDC Council Tax - Section 13a Policy

SDC Council Tax Hardship Grant claim form


The Government recognises that COVID-19 is likely to cause fluctuations in household incomes and recognises that, as a result, some individuals may struggle to meet council tax payments. The Government therefore expects that billing authorities will primarily use their grant allocation to reduce the council tax liability of individuals in their area.


The policy sets out the Council's approach to the awarding of discretionary reductions to individuals in respect of a council tax liability.  The policy allows the Council to reduce the Council Tax payable on the grounds of hardship or where there are exceptional circumstances.

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