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Senior management

Senior management are responsible for managing the activities of the Council staff and for advising councillors on the potential implications of political decisions.

The Chief Executive

Service Responsibility


Chief Executive Corporate Delivery Plan, Strategic Team, Legal Services, Finance, Corporate Communications, Canal Team, Community Services, Revenue & Benefits, Housing Advice, Customer Services, Cultural Services £115,268


Director of Development Services Planning Service, Planning Strategy, Building Control, Land & Property Data, Health & Wellbeing £73,161
Director of Tenant & Corporate Services Human Resources, Democratic Services & Elections, Business Services, IT, Property Services, Housing Services, Contract Services £73,161

Heads of Service

Head of Business Service Planning Organisational Change, Strategic Business Planning £55,568 plus £5,000 honorarium
Head of Community Services Civil Contingency, Public Spaces, Facilities, Community Safety, Neighbourhood Wardens, Civil Enforcement, Youth Officer, The Pulse at Dursley, The Museum in the Park £55,568
Head of Contract Services Contract Management, Responsive Repairs, Voids Management £55,568
Head of Finance/Section 151 Officer Strategic Financial Planning, Statutory Duties of Section 151 Officer £55,568 plus £8,527 market supplement
Head of Health & Wellbeing Housing Renewal, Environmental Protection, Health & Safety, Food Safety, Pest Control, Licensing £55,568
Head of Housing Services Supported Housing & Tenancy Management £55,568 plus £5,000 honorarium
Head of IT IT, Telephony Services £49,387 plus £6,181 honorarium
Head of Legal Services & Monitoring Officer Legal Services, Democratic Services, Procurement Vacant post - Interim arrangement in place
Head of Property Services Building Maintenance and Property £55,568 pro rata
Canal Project Manager Cotswold Canals Restoration Project (Stroudwater Navigation Connected Phase) £55,568

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