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Temporary Road Closure Order - Watledge Road, Nailsworth - is now 2nd June 2022 (off road) (Order not needed for 3rd)

Date of decision: Thursday, May 26, 2022

Service area: Information Management

What decision was taken?
Please note: Temporary Road Closure for Watledge Road, Nailsworth now being held on 2nd June 2022 - off road - Order for 3rd June not required

Temporary Road Closure Order
Event: Watledge Jubilee Party
Date: Friday 3rd June 2022
Time: 16:00-21:00

Road to be closed:
Watledge Road, Nailsworth – Watledge House to 2 Ledgemoor

Officer delegation:
22 October 2020 version of Constitution - Information Management - Page 4.8 Section 4 - Part C Scheme of Officer Delegations - C2A.8

Reason(s)for decision:
To facilitate the safe running of the event

Alternative(s) considered (if any):
Not to make an Order

Background papers (if any):
Application form and consultation emails

Any other information (e.g. name of Councillor who has declared a conflict of interest in the matter):

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