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Temporary Road Closure Order - Saturday 29th October 2022 - Uley

Date of decision: Monday, October 10, 2022

Service area: Information Management

What decision was taken?
Temporary Road Closure Order:
Event: (Lantern Festival) - Procession of handheld lanterns
Date: Saturday 29th October 2022
Time: 5.45pm to 7pm
Roads to be closed:
Procession route:
The procession will meet at the corner of Fop Street and Whitecourt in Uley before walking north along Whitecourt to meet the main road (B4066). It will continue north up the B4066 until The Green where it will return south back along the B4066 until it meets South Street. It will turn into South Street and process to the Millennium Field where the procession will finish.
Alternative route:
The B4058 (The Bath Road) that runs through Nympsfield and joins the A4135 towards Dursley. There is also a turning off this which runs down Lampern Hill back into the southern end of Uley.

Officer delegation: 22 October 2020 version of Constitution - Information Management - Page 4.8 Section 4 - Part C Scheme of Officer Delegations - C2A.8

Reason(s)for decision:
To facilitate the safe running of the event.

Alternative(s) considered (if any):
Not to make an Order.

Background papers (if any):
Application form and consultation emails/papers.

Any other information (e.g. name of Councillor who has declared a conflict of interest in the matter):

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