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Footpath Diversion Order (PLA2 751)

Date of decision: Friday, July 27, 2018

Service area: Development Control

What decision was taken?
To make a footpath diversion order under Section 119 of the Highways Act 1980

Reason(s)for decision:
An application was made for the diversion of the footpath.

Alternative(s) considered (if any):
Refuse to make the order; or, refer the applicant to the County Council to apply to have the order made by them.

Background papers (if any):
Draft Order and plans illustrating proposed diversion and plan showing the proposed development.

Draft Deed of Indemnity indemnifying the Council against any claims for compensation by the owners of the land for making the order.

Gloucestershire County Council has the Rights of Way and Countryside Access Improvement Plan 2011 – 2026 (ROWIP).

Approval of Reserved Matters (S.17/2143/REM)

Any other information (e.g. name of Councillor who has declared a conflict of interest in the matter):

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