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Data protection

Whenever we process personal information we do so under UK Data Protection legislation. The main pieces of law which tell us how to manage personal data are the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have a Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices to explain how we manage personal data. You can also contact us if you have any questions about Data Protection at Stroud District Council.

Subject Access Requests

Under UK GDPR we as individuals have the right to ask any organisation to give us access to our personal information. Requests for personal information are referred to as ‘Subject Access Requests' or 'SARs'. We have One Month to respond to a SAR.

Please note that this only gives you access to your own personal information. You won't be able to see any information about other individuals.

A SAR can be made in writing or verbally but its best to send it by email to if you can. You can also complete the Access request form or contact us. When you make a request please:

  • Let us know what personal information you want to access.

Be as specific as you can as it can help us perform the right searches. A general request for "everything" will result in a general search of our systems but a specific search for "my personal information related to the complaint I made about fly tipping in October" will help us be more detailed in our search.

  • Tell us where the data might be

If you know which departments you would like your data from it can help speed up our response to your request. The Council provides over 60 services so any narrowing can help a lot.

  • Provide some identification and contact details

We must make sure we only send personal information to the person it relates to. If you can provide ID with your request this can help speed things up. Alternatively if you have a relationship with the council (e.g. you pay council tax or are a tenant) we can ask you some phone security questions to confirm your identity.

  • Give us your preferred contact methods and an address to send the information (ideally an email)

We need to be certain we understand your request. If we need to clarify something providing us with your contact preferences can help. When we send your data by email we use an encrypted service called Egress to protect your data.

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