Covid-19: Council and Committee Meetings

Stroud District Council will commence remote meetings from 19 May 2020.

» Covid 19 and Council Meetings

In response to the restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, council and committee meetings were cancelled from March onwards.
The Government has now given councils new powers to hold public meetings ‘remotely’ using video or telephone-conferencing technology.

Stroud District Council will commence remote meetings from 19 May 2020 and you can find details of these meetings in the usual meetings section of the website. Viewing links for meetings will be published along with the agenda for each meeting.

We are keen to ensure openness, transparency and public participation in our meetings, but have had to make some changes to our processes to reflect the current restrictions and the nature of the technology for remote meetings. These arrangements reflect current government guidelines and statutory regulations.

Public participation - All remote meetings will be broadcast live on our YouTube Channel.

Anyone wishing to participate in a council or committee meeting, for example, by asking a question or speaking in relation to a planning or licensing application, will have to register with us in advance and provide a written copy of the question or comments they wish to make. You should register by emailing as soon as possible, but at the latest, by noon two full working days prior to the meeting at which you wish to speak. Democratic Services will then send you details of how you can participate in the remote meeting.

If you are unable to attend the remote meeting your submission will be read out by the Chair at the meeting and a reply emailed to you by Democratic Services after the meeting. You will be able to view the live broadcast of the meeting via YouTube to hear the response to your question or the discussion of the item that you are interested in.

Privacy Notice: We will collect and use your name, telephone number and/or email address for the purposes of facilitating and regulating the remote meeting, and enabling you to participate. Your name will be shared during the live broadcast, subsequent recording of the meeting, and recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Broadcasts are recorded by the council and may be recorded by others in accordance with transparency rules. If you would prefer not to be visible during a live broadcast, you may keep your camera switched off or opt for participation via phone or written submission. Your personal data will ordinarily be destroyed after the meeting, but may be used to take action against any participant who deliberately misuses or disrupts the proceedings.

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