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What are the photograph requirements when submitting an application for a Voter Authority Certificate?

Anyone wanting to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate must provide a suitable photograph either through the application process or submitted with a paper application which meets the following requirements:

  • A Close-up photograph of the head and shoulders 
    • without any other items or persons in the background
    • without any covering of the head unless worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons. 
  • In sharp focus and clear (not blurry) 
  • In colour and taken against a plain, light background
  • Free from redeye, shadows and not in the reflection of windows or mirrors
  • Resembles a true likeness of the applicant without alteration.


The applicant photo must show them:

  • Facing forwards
  • With nothing covering the face
  • Looking straight at the camera
  • With a plain facial expression 
  • With eyes open and visible (e.g. no sunglasses or being covered by hair).

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