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I am an anonymous elector, do I need to provide photographic ID?

Yes,  anonymous electors wishing to vote in person at the polling station will need to apply for an Anonymous Elector's Document (AEDs) and present this document at the polling station along with their anonymous poll card.

The Anonymous Elector's Document will be the only form of identification that an anonymous elector will be able to provide and use at the polling station, they will not be able to present any other form of ID, including the acceptable photographic ones. This is because an anonymous electors name does not appear on the electoral register and therefore no other form of documentation would prove their identity and eligibility to have a ballot paper issued. 

Anonymous electors will be required annually to reapply and renew their Anonymous Elector Document by providing a new photo as part of the application process at the time of their annual declaration renewal. The Electoral Registration Officer will also issue a replacement document if they renumber their electoral register (the anonymous applicant will not need to reapply in this scenario). 

The Anonymous Elector Document is expected to be an A4 sized paper based document with appropriate security features and will not display the applicants name and instead will be replaced with the elector number of the applicant. 

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