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Introduction to the Polling District and Places Review

The review must be undertaken to ensure that all elector have reasonable and suitable facilities for voting. When reviewing our polling district, places and stations we will follow the following legislative guidelines;

  • Each parish is to be separate polling district unless special circumstances apply;
  • Must designate a polling place for each polling district unless the situation of the polling station does not materially effect the convenience of the elector;
  • The polling place must be in an area in the polling district unless special circumstances mean it is not possible to locate an appropriate place for polling, then it can be wholly or partly moved outside of the polling district;
  • The polling place must be small enough to indicate to electors in different parts of the district how they will be able to reach the polling station;
  • Seek to ensure that all electors in the local authority have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances;
  • Seek to ensure that the polling place has appropriate accessibility for electors who are disabled so far as is reasonable.

Where possible 'natural' boundaries should be used e.g. railways, major roads, waterways etc and all minor roads or estates should be in one polling district.

Polling places should be 'logical' i.e. electors should not have to travel past another polling place to get to another. 

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