Timetable for Thursday 6 May 2021

 Nomination packs available Monday 8 February
 District, Parish/Town Candidate and agent Briefing 1
(Council Chamber) - Remote Meeting
5.30pm Tuesday 16 February
 Publication of Notice of Election (District/Parish) Friday 19 March
 Publication of Notice of Election (County) Friday 26 March
 Nominations open (District/Parish) 10am Monday 22 March
 Nominations open (County) 10am Monday 29 March
 Nomination deadline 4pm Thursday 8 April
 Last date for withdrawal of candidature 4pm Thursday 8 April
 Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated 4pm Thursday 8 April
(last date 5pm Friday 9 April)
 Publication of Notice of Poll 4pm Thursday 8 April
(last date 5pm Tuesday 27 April)
 Appointment and Publication of Election Agents 4pm Thursday 8 April
Candidate and Agent Briefing 2
(Council Chamber) - Remote Meeting
5.30 Tuesday 13 April
Last date for Registration Midnight Monday 19 April
Postal vote application deadline 5pm Tuesday 20 April
Proxy vote application deadline 5pm Tuesday 27 April
Deadline for appointment of Poll and Count Agents 5pm Wednesday 28 April
First day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers Thursday 29 April
Day of Poll 7am-10pm Thursday 6 May
Deadline for receipt of emergency proxy votes 5pm Thursday 6 May
Last day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers 5pm Thursday 6 May
Verification County & District Count (SPLC) 8am Friday 7 May
PCC & Parish & NPR Count (SPLC) 10am Saturday 8 May
Parish/Town return of election expenses Thursday 3 June
County District return of election expenses Friday 11 June


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