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Polling district
A geographical area created by the sub-division of a UK Parliamentary Constituency. All electors within the polling district will attend the same voting place (unless a postal vote is in place).

Polling place
The building or area in which a polling station will be provided by the Acting Returning Officer within the polling district (unless special circumstances mean this is not possible)

Polling station
The room or area within the polling place where the process of voting takes place during an election e.g. a room in a village hall.

The Electoral Commission has guided that no polling station can have more than 2,250 voters assigned to it that would vote in person. This does not mean that the polling district cannot be more than this, but if so the polling place and station must be split into multiple polling stations (i.e. become a double station) and therefore be able to accompany the extra equipment required for this (e.g. polling booths).

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