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Hunts Grove Parish Council

Electoral Commission Cyber-Attack

Stroud District Council have been advised that the Electoral Commission (EC) has been the subject of a cyber-attack. We are required by law to send electoral registers to the EC each year which contain name and address details of residents registered to vote in the Stroud District (Anonymous elector details have not been sent to the EC). The EC believes that electoral registers between 2014 and 2022 may have been accessed as part of the cyber-attack, whilst there is no indication that information accessed during this cyber-attack has been published online there is a possibility that some of the information may be in the public domain.

For further information, please visit the EC website where you will find more information and details about how to contact the EC regarding the incident. The Council is not able to answer specific questions relating to this matter, therefore please direct all queries to the EC

Following a Community Governance Review in 2019, the creation of a new Parish Council called Hunts Grove was proposed and created to recognise significant development in the area and support the cohesion and identity in the growing Community. For more information regarding the new Parish of Hunts Grove, see below for more details.

 Hunts Grove Parish Council

Hunts Grove Parish Council Meetings

Details can be found below regarding the forthcoming Parish Council Meetings.


Are you interested in working with the Shadow Council?

Hunts Grove Parish Council is inviting local residents with an interest and experience in Planning Applications to work with the Shadow Parish Councillors in responding to Planning Applications for Hunts Grove. The majority of applications will relate to current and future developments and Councillors would like to have local input from residents to help inform the response to the District Council's Planning Department.

If you are interested in working with the Shadow Council on a voluntary basis please e mail with details of your experience of responding to planning applications and ideally working with developers

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