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Why become a Councillor?

People become Councillors for a variety of reasons. Some want to give something back to the community, to further their interest in politics or to represent local people and try to influence decisions affecting their area.

No other role gives you a chance to make such a huge difference to the quality of life of people in your local area and influence the way issues are dealt with locally and across the Stroud District.

In addition to wanting to make a difference, people may become a Councillor for the following reasons:

  • Having a concern about a specific issue and wanting to do something about it
  • In a time of scarce resources, having good ideas for doing more with less
  • To contribute business or professional skills
  • As an extension to what you are already doing through a charity, voluntary group or school governing body
  • It can be a career enhancing opportunity, allowing you to develop leadership and analytical skills.


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