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How much time will I have to spend on Council duties?

How much time you spend on your duties as a Councillor is largely up to you and will depend on the particular commitments you take on.

Each Councillor will spend varying amounts of time on their Councillor work, however generally a District Councillor will spend up to 25 hours a week on Council work.

Members with Group Leader or Chairing roles will have greater workload and therefore will invariably spend additional hours on their Council work.

As a District Councillor you will be expected to attend Committee meetings, information briefings and training sessions which are often held during the evening, however there may be meetings with Officers that you are required to attend during the day. As with most things in life, what you get back will depend on how much you put in.

Before you consider becoming a Councillor, you may wish to discuss it with your family and friends to make sure they understand the commitment you are taking on.


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