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Do I get paid?

There is no salary for being a Councillor, however, District Councillors currently receive a basic allowance which is intended to recognise the time devoted by them to their work and will cover basic resources. Further information can be found here.

In addition to the basic allowance above, District Councillors are able to claim travel expenses and in some cases subsistence expenses, an IT allowance and dependants' carers' allowance.

Some District Councillors also receive a special responsibility allowance in recognition of particular duties they undertake e.g. if they are the Leader of the Council or a Chair of a Committee.

Councillors are generally taxed and pay National Insurance on their allowances. Travelling expenses and other expenses incurred as part of a Councillors duties, including mileage and subsistence allowances are paid to levels agreed by the Council and are not taxable.


Parish and Town Councils may choose to provide an allowance to their Councillors, please contact the relevant Parish/Town Council if you would like information regarding any allowances paid.

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