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Get Involved in Council Decisions


There are a number of ways you can get more involved in your community and the decisions which affect you.

You can attend any Council or Committee meeting that is held in public and if you want to raise an issue at a meeting you can ask a question or present a petition. (deadlines to submit questions or petitions apply - please see below). To take part you will need to let us know in advance and follow the rules set out in the council’s Constitution.

If you are unsure how council and committee meetings work, or require any support in order to participate, you can email or telephone 01452 766321.

Have a look at our list of Committees to find out which meeting is right for the issue you are interested in and check the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

  • You need to tell us you want to ask a question(s) by midday three clear working days before the meeting by emailing your question to (Check the meeting agenda will specify the deadline date).
  • You can ask up to three questions for consideration at any one meeting, questions will be reviewed by the Chief Executive before being accepted.
  • You can attend and ask the question yourself, or ask for someone else to read it out for you. If you don’t attend the meeting, you will be sent a copy of the answer following the meeting. 
  • The relevant Committee Chair or Leader of the Council will answer your question at the meeting. 
  • You may ask one supplementary question upon receiving your answer.

For more information about asking a question during a meeting please see Section 3 paragraph 8 of the Constitution

If you would like to speak at a Development Control Committee about a planning application, there is a separate process -support or object to a planning application


  • Petitions cannot be submitted directly to committee or Council meetings, but may be submitted to the Council by delivering them to:
    Stroud District Council,
    Ebley Mill,
    Ebley Wharf,
    GL5 4UB
    for the attention of the Corporate Policy and Governance Manager.
  • Depending on the number of signatures received and the relevant council/committee meeting you will be advised on the procedure upon receipt of the petition.

For more information about submitting a petition please see Section 3 paragraph 25 of the Constitution


Become part of the council's decision-making by being elected to Stroud District Council or a Town or Parish council - Become a local Councillor.

Consultation enables you to have your say about proposed changes to our policies, strategies and services.

We publicise all consultations on our website, plus we promote these through our Social Media Pages

Whatever your political views, it’s important that you register to vote and then exercise your right to vote at all elections.

You can now register to vote through the GOV.UK website.

You can register to vote if you are:

  • 16 or over (but you cannot vote until you are 18)
  • UK, Republic of Ireland or qualifying Commonwealth citizen. Qualifying Commonwealth citizens are those who have leave to enter or remain in the UK, or do not require such leave
  • a citizen of a European Union country living in the UK
  • a citizen of the Channel islands, the Isle of Man or a British Overseas Territory living in the UK

More details on the election process and the electoral register can be found on our website.


All councils are led by democratically elected councillors who set the vision and direction, and represent their local community.

Councillors are responsible for making decisions on their behalf about local services and spending, including setting council tax.

Each councillor represents a specific area, called wards, and serves for four years.

Find your councillor - You can see a list of all councillors and filter by political party or ward, or you can choose a councillor from the list and view their contact information.

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