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Stroud District Council's Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Emissions Policy

This consultation has now closed.

Date of consultation: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 - Sunday, February 12, 2023

Consultation summary



Review of Stroud District Council's taxi and private hire vehicle policy with an aim of reducing the number of  higher polluting taxi and private hire vehicles.  The Council's ambition is that in the long term all licensed vehicles will have zero emissions in line with the Council's Carbon Neutral 2030 objective.

Why we are Consulting

We are seeking your views on a proposed interim vehicle policy that sets out to move away from the current policy based purely on age and to replace it with a policy based on age for first licensing and Euro 6 emissions compliance to remain licensed.

Exemptions are proposed for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles to encourage trade investment in zero and very low emission vehicles.

An exemption from the age policy on first licensing is also proposed for wheelchair accessible vehicles to encourage  trade investment in wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Proposed Date

Application Type

Proposed Criteria

1st April 2023

New vehicle applications and change of vehicle applications

An exemption for wheelchair accessible vehicles and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV)

The current exemption for new applications for elite vehicles will end

Vehicle must be 5 years old or less 

1st April 2023

Wheelchair accessible vehicle new vehicle applications and change of vehicle applications 

Vehicle must be Euro 6 compliant or ULEV

1st April 2025 

Renewal vehicle applications 

The current exemption for renewal applications for Elite vehicles will end 

Vehicle must be Euro 6 compliant  or ULEV

1st April 2028

Review of Interim policy and consider whether a move to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (or Electric Vehicle only) is appropriate


1st April 2030


New vehicle applications and change of vehicle applications

Ambition that they must be ULEV

1st April 2033


Renewal vehicle applications

Ambition that they must be ULEV

Vehicles manufactured from September 2015 are Euro 6 compliant for emissions.

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) have very low emissions and emit less than [75g] of CO2 per km. They include pure electric vehicles and plug in hybrid vehicles.

For more background and details you can see the report that was considered by the Community Services and Licensing Committee on 1 December 2022 - Agenda Item 11 .

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