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Local Council Tax Support scheme 2022/23

Date of consultation: Monday, November 15, 2021 - Friday, December 31, 2021

Consultation summary

The amount of Council Tax reduction that a working age customer receives is based on the amount of income that they and any partner receive.

We need to modernise and make changes to the current scheme so that it works together with the changes that are being made at a national level with the roll out of Universal Credit. People who have made the transition to Universal Credit have their entitlement to this recalculated each month, taking into account any fluctuations in income. As Universal Credit is income for the purposes of council tax support, a change also has to be made to the person’s council tax support. This then results in revised changes to council tax instalments every month which can make budgeting very difficult for those customers. We receive over 2,000 changes of circumstances each month, which is an increase of 47%.

As more people claim Universal Credit or transfer to it, the need to revise the council tax support scheme and simplify the administration, make the claiming process easier and simpler becomes more pressing.

Local Council Tax Support scheme 2022/23 consultation


Change to the Existing Scheme

Revision to existing wording of the scheme

Number of Households Affected

Impact of Changes


To revise the scheme to limit the circumstances when a change in household circumstances will cause the level of the LCTS scheme to be changed. Specifically limiting changes to households in receipt of Universal Credit where the amount changes by £10 or less per week LCTS is not altered

To introduce wording into the scheme to define a relevant change of circumstances for Universal Credit claims which will limit the circumstance when a new assessment of LCTS will be revised to the following circumstances;

  • There is a change in the UC award of more than £10 or;
  • There is a move in or out of employment or;
  • The is a change to the household membership or;
  • There is a change to the council tax liability


All LCTS working age households by the end of full UC roll-out


  • 30 – 50% reduction in the average number of change in circumstances for people in receipt of UC
  • Limit the number of council tax bills produced annually
  • Allow recovery action to follow existing automated process in most circumstances


To remove Second Adult Rebate from the Working Age Scheme 

Second adult rebates are awarded in respect of a 2nd adult (not partners) in the household who are on a low income.


To add an exclusion to the eligibility criteria for the Second Adult Rebate scheme where the tax payers are of working age


Approximately 50 claims currently


  • Reduction in administration costs
  • Saving to the scheme of c£8k





The council is inviting any views, comments or feedback and this can be done by emailing b Friday 31 December 2021.

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