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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Date of consultation: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Consultation summary

We’re committed to equality, diversity and inclusion – but there’s more to do and you can be involved.

We are launching an 8 week consultation to gather views on our draft Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy aims to set out the Council’s commitment to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for our residents, our employees, members, contractors and visitors that is free from discrimination.  As a public body, we have both a legal and moral duty to promote equality, diversity and inclusion amongst residents, service users and our own employees.

The consultation gives you the opportunity to review and submit your comments on the draft policy.

Stroud District Council is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, valuing and recognising our differences, and we appreciate there is more we could do.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy consultation

The draft policy proposes how the council will act on equality, diversity and inclusion over the next four years and our Action Plan details the work we have committed to undertake from April 2021 – March 2022 but we want to hear what else you think we need to do and we will either add it to this year’s Action Plan or the Action Plan for 2022-2023.

Following the consultation, responses will be collated, reviewed and incorporated into the policy, which will then be adopted at a full Council meeting.

The consultation is open for comments until 1 September 2021.

“Your feedback is really important so please get involved,” said Cllr Norman Kay, Chair of the Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. “We need to hear from as many people as possible in the district.”

Please view the following policy and documents before completing the online consultation.

To take part in the consultation, please respond to the survey link below.

ED&I Policy Survey 


The consultation findings will be shared with the public, all personal details will be removed before being published.


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