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Environment Strategy Review 2018

Date of consultation: Monday, July 9, 2018 - Sunday, September 30, 2018

Consultation summary

Stroud District Council adopted its 20 year Environment Strategy in Feb 2007. The overarching focus of the Strategy was to 'help us live within environmental limits'.

The action plan outcomes set out within the Strategy were reported at the Council's Environment Committee in September 2017, and the achievements were recognised. However, the Committee members agreed that the Strategy needed to be reviewed. A member led group was set up to review the Strategy and the Group made the following recommendations:

  1. To keep the Strategy vision
  2. To reduce and refine the priority areas from 5 to 4
  3. To have a separate programme of initiatives and actions that could be regularly monitored and updated

Environment Strategy Review 2018 consultation

The purpose of this consultation is understand the views of the wider community on the new priorities which will help to inform the revised Strategy. Please complete the survey below. Thank you.

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