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2030 Strategy & theretrofitcentre

Why do we need your information?

The 2030 programme and are projects of Stroud District Council and partner organisations to reduce the climate impact within Gloucestershire. Any information processed will be used to raise climate awareness and provide information or services to individuals and businesses to help reduce climate and environmental impact. Most of the information we process is provided directly by users of our services to:

  • Communicate project updates, newsletters, and other legitimate interest communications to fulfil the programme terms.
  • To gather and analyse community opinions and feedback for strategy development purposes.
  • To connect parties who have expressed interest in retrofit solutions via with retrofit project contractors and services.

Please see our general privacy notice at for our contact information and your information rights.

What data do we collect?

If you provide it to us, we will process the following personal information to provide our services:

  • Contact Information including names, emails and addresses.
  • Survey responses which may include personal opinions
  • Demographic information (health, ethnicity, gender, age, homeowner status, employment status, basic financial information)
  • Photos (with your consent) for promotional purposes

Who we share your information with

With whom


Severn Wye Energy Agency

When a request for support or advice is submitted

Retrofit Contractors

When necessary

Gloucestershire County Council

Upon request or when necessary

South Gloucestershire County Council

Upon request or when necessary

Gloucester City Council

Upon request or when necessary

Cotswold Borough Council

Upon request or when necessary

Tewkesbury Borough Council

Whenever a user identifies that they live in Tewkesbury Borough through the survey. As a partner organisation pseudonymised information may also be shared for reporting purposes.


How long do we keep your information?

  • We will store personal information for 6 years from the date of last interaction with the project or until an individual requests its deletion.
  • Opinions and demographic information will be anonymized and kept for the length of the programme.
  • Photos will be kept indefinitely as stock images and part of published updates.

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