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Organisations and Charities providing support across the district

Organisations and charities that are providing support for the WHOLE of the Stroud District and a list of all the community support groups can be found here: - View all

We know that community groups,View all charities and other organisations are doing a lot to support residents during this time. The community support map shows what support is available in your area should you or anyone you know need any help over the coming weeks.

For information regarding voluntary organisations and data protection, please click here.

We have also produced a community support pack for communities providing valuable support to vulnerable residents in the Stroud District.

How to use the map

Click anywhere within the Stroud District to show support services available for that area, use the arrow buttons at the top of the text box to click through the available options for that area.

Use the plus or minus buttons to zoom in or out.

You can move around the map by holding the left mouse button down and dragging the map in the direction you want to move.

Want to help?

We know that there are a lot of community support groups going on in the district and we aren’t aware of all of them, if your organisation can be included please register on the County Council Community Help Hub

Do you know anyone that might need some help?

Please let us know if you think any of your neighbours might need help by registering on the County Council Community Help Hub and we will get them the support they need.

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