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Funding for Covid -19 Response Groups

The purpose of this funding is to support local organisations and community groups who are supporting vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis. The aim is to help to cover additional costs they may incur due to increased activity or functions that they have insufficient resources to meet. Organisations may apply for up to £1,000. If more funding is required, more detailed information may be sought from the applicant. The aim is to share the fund fairly across the whole district, whilst at the same time not disadvantaging those who are using their own organisation’s resources to mount a major coordination effort. The fund cannot be used to support the mainstream activities of an organisation e.g. ongoing yearly spending commitments including salaries and administration costs or to create an ongoing funding commitment from the council. The funding can only be used for expenditure in relation to the Covid-19 Crisis including but not exclusively:

  • Setting up of Community Floats to purchase food and essential supplies for vulnerable people and families
  • Development of digital/virtual support – equipment such as mobile phones or tablets
  • Expenses incurred by volunteers such as petrol
  • Developing infrastructure to support vulnerable people

To apply for funding, download the application form here

Community support group/organisation Funding Criteria met Amount approved
Paganhill Community Group Volunteer expenses & food supplies £1,000.00
Coopers Edge Trust Volunteer expenses & food supplies £462.00
Gloucestershire Counselling Service Developing infrastructure to enable remote working.  £5,000.00
Stroud District Ring & Ride/Voluntary Car Scheme Volunteer expenses   £180.00
Wotton Area Mutual Aid Volunteer expenses, food supplies & developing infrastructure £1,481.00
Painswick Covid19 Community Response Volunteer expenses & food supplies £500.00
The Door Developing infrastructure £300.00
Berkeley and Surrounding Area Covid 19 Community Support Group Community float, volunteer expenses, food supplies,  £1,000.00
GL11 Community Hub - Covid Volunteer Response Volunteer expenses, community float and food supplies £1,000.00
GL11 Community Hub - Remote Working Bid Developing infrastructure to enable remote working.  £5,000.00
Nailsworth Town Council - covid volunteer response Volunteer expenses, community float and food supplies £1,000.00
Eastington Coronavirus Community Volunteers Volunteer expenses, community float and food supplies £100.00
 Severn Vale Community Kitchen Community Float and food supplies  £1000.00
 Oakridge Community Coronavirus Support Network Volunteer expenses and community float £150.00
 Bisley Coronavirus Community Support Group  Community float and volunteer expenses £150.00
 World Jungle - Online Health and Wellbeing Support Digital infrastructure and promotion £400.00
 Allsorts - Family Support Worker Welfare support for families with disabled children £979.20
 Clean Slate - Money and Benefits Support Charity Extra staff hours to cover advice line for those in financial crisis due to COVID-19  £1000.00
Uplands and Slad Road COVID-19 Support Community float, volunteer expenses, food supplies and enabling access to digital media £550.00
 Rodborough Community Mutual Aid Network (RCMAN) Community float, food supplies, printing of leaflets, PPE £500.00
 Frampton on Severn Parish Council  Community float, food supplies £500.00
Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council Community float and food supplies £500.00
Tresham Village Improvement to village website for peer-peer communication £250.00
 Brimscombe and Thrupp Parish Council Parish helpline, community float and contribution to staff cost to coordinate volunteers  £600.00
 Slimbridge Parish Council Community float, volunteer expenses and food supplies £500.00
Furniture Bank New mattresses for their stock of beds - needed urgently for emergency housing. £2,780.00
Creative Sustainability Support for vulnerable groups, fiscal hosting and coordination of VCS COVID-19 network £1,250.00
Kids Stuff Kids clothes for vulnerable families £500.00
Nailsworth Chamber of Commerce Food Food production for local referrals £1,500.00

Woodchester Parish Council

Volunteer fuel costs £100.00
Gloucestershire Counselling Service - Concessionary Counselling Directory and forum for quality local coronavirus support information both online and for those with no internet access. £1,000.00
Stroud Coronavirus Community Response Support to access online resources and communication. Emergency essential packs and food. £1,000.00
Homestart Laptop and IT needed to increase remote working. Currently supporting vulnerable families all over the district. £876.00
Chalford Parish Council Volunteer expenses IT and  contribution to the coordination of volunteers. £500.00
The Listening Post IT equipment to improve online counselling access. £958.00
Berkeley & Surrounding Area Convid-19 Community Support Group  Fruit & Veg Boxes delivery scheme from local greengrocer. £200.00
Hardwicke Parish Council Community float, volunteer expenses, food supplies. £500.00
Community First Responders Emergency equipment £500.00
North Nibley village Shop Lunch club expenses for volunteers and premises. £600.00
All Pulling Together Stonehouse Community Support for GL10 £1000.00
Severn Vale Community Kitchen Operating costs and meals for vulnerable residents £1000.00
Guideposts Support for adults with disabilities and long term conditions. £3490.00
Nailsworth Town Council Strategic development consultation for emergency response and laptops for staff. £500.00
Sew for Keyworkers Materials and Donation boxes for masks for the public and key workers £200.00
Hanover Art Group Materials to hang shop window exhibition from local Sheltered Housing art group during lockdown. £162.13
The Long Table Supplement cost of delivering one more month of food to vulnerable people before The Long Table winds down CV-19 response work. Delivered in partnership with Food Bank. £2000.00
ToTTs Laptops and virus protection for 2 laptops and training for volunteers working in the playgroup which is moving to operate via online platforms £750.00
Kings Stanley Playgroup Extra equipment to ensure safe environment for re-opening for village play group. £180.00
Cam & Dursley Summer Pop Ups Holiday hunger pop ups with creative activities for young people in Cam and Dursley. £1000.00
The Door Lap top for Youth worker outreach work in Cam and Dursley. £620.00
Guideposts PPE and resources for socially distanced activities for adults with learning difficulties. £1036.00
Stonehouse APT Providing weekly picnic food bags for children during the whole of August £600.00
Kings Stanley Parish Council & Leonard Stanley Parish Council A free hot meal to all children in
Leonard Stanley, Kings Stanley and Selsley every Tuesday throughout August
Nelson Trust

Support for clients unable to access normal activities due to convid.

Early Help Out of hours extended parent line, supporting school with family support and advice, supporting risk assessments, whole family support and Community support families stepping down from social care intervention £500.00
The Keepers- Wotton Area Community Hub Friendly phone call, delivered 1369 portions of soup, packed and delivered 379 essential boxes, made PPE equipment for healthcare workers. £2400.00
North Nibley Village Shop Association Delivered 2 course meals to self isolating residents once a week. 28 meals per week were supplied. £400.00
3D Community Advent Calendar   £1662.80
Paganhill Community Group Running the food hub - advertising and payment of expenses for volunteers and sundries - hand gel, paper bags, masks etc. £1000.00
Red Horse Foundation Offering free 'trauma processing' support to NHS staff and key workers who are struggling with significant trauma as a result of front line work during the Covid
19 pandemic.
GBSN MOBS Stroud and MOBS Dursley To offer help with breastfeeding from a highly skilled professional Breastfeeding Counsellor (BFC). Free of charge, Virtual Preparation  Breastfeeding Workshops for expectant mothers and their support partner, as pregnant women are classes as vulnerable so they miss out on social contact. £1000.00
Breakheart Community Project LTD To provide volunteers with funds for expenses for opening and closing of site facilities. To include opening of aces gates and Covid PPE to include hand gel, masks and gloves. £500.00
Stroud Town Council 7x storm board noticeboards including engraving, posts, ancillary equipment. £750.00
Kingswood Village Playgroup Purchase a laptop with anti-virus, Microsoft Office and staff training. £800.00
Five Valley Sounds To purchase a portable “recording studio in a suitcase” as only have one volunteer technician to record at home.   £800.00
Rodborough Playgroup Meet the costs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specialist cleaning services and equipment needed by
Rodborough Playgroup so they can stay open and operate safely during covid-19.
1st Wotton Brownies Purchase pencil cases for each individual Brownie. £200.00
Artsparks To help towards compiling and sending out an art and craft activity kit to 30 families in the Forest Green area of Nailsworth. £600.00
Middle of the Hill Community Group To help grow the Community Foodbank situated at our Community Room in Nouncells Cross. £800.00
North Nibley Village Shop Association Deliver 2 course meals to self isolating residents once a week. 28 meals per week supplied.  £400.00
Severn Area Rescue Association Covid related PPE and precautions to ensure the safety of our volunteer crew members and ability to continue operating. Production of Mental Health and Wellbeing literature, primarily to support their crews when exposed to stressful or traumatic situations, but this will also be made available to those in need in the wider community where appropriate. £1000.00
Stroud Small Library Community book project


Coigne Nursery To purchase cleaning equipment and PPE for staff to ensure the safety of them and the children.


Painswick Parish Council DBS checks for volunteers and to purchase a laptop with Microsoft packages.


Standing Together Charitable Trust Expand 'Slow Cooker Project' and work on other projects


Synwell Playing Field Association Paint Brushes & cleaning products to brighten up Synwell play area.


Top of Town Tots To provide a play house in their outdoor space to add interest and keep families happy to play outdoors and continue to reduce risk.


Cainscross Parish Council For the setup of a community café in the Cainscross area covering the costs of cups, glasses, cutlery etc. Alongside a device for the Community hub to use to help run the hub.



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