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Covid-19 Testing

An important part of minimising and managing any future spread of COVID-19 is the speed at which people can be tested and isolation measures put in place, should an outbreak occur.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 can have a test.

Please do not contact the site owners!
To book a test or get more information:

go to the NHS website
or call 119

If you don't have an appointment you will not get a test!

Please only ask for a test if you have symptoms.

Should your need child needing testing we suggest that for babies, infants and the very young, a home test kit would be most appropriate. For older children, if parents can assist them, any test route would be appropriate. If in doubt ring 119 and seek assistance.


The mobile testing unit is now available at other locations across the county. Please see this week's locations below.


For more information visit

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