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Community Hubs

Supporting the development of a Community Hub Network in Stroud District

Community Hubs are places that act as a central point of contact and support for their communities. Hubs are connectors of people, communities, local groups and voluntary sector organisations and a place where people can find friendship, positive things to do, acquire new skills and share their expertise, and get help and advice on food, housing, finances, health and wellbeing.

In Stroud District, there are a number of Community Hubs already established and a great network of voluntary and statutory organisations working together alongside parish, town and district councils.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, communities came together to play an active role in responding to the emergency with countless acts of kindness and solidarity.  Informal networks sprung up all over the district, helping to reach people in need of support and ensure everyone knew where and how to get help. This enhanced the response on the ground and demonstrated how important it is to understand, value and support the strengths, capacities and skills held within communities in order to be better prepared for future emergencies. 

The Community Hubs Development project aims to ensure learning from the pandemic is used to inform a plan that seeks to build community resilience through the development of a network of Community Hubs across Stroud district. It is at the centre of a new partnership between Gloucestershire County Council, Stroud District Council and Creative Sustainability CIC and is being led by Miranda Eeles.  The plan will look at how to: 

  • ensure there is coverage across the whole of the district and appropriate distribution of resources and responsibilities
  • reduce the strain of responsibility on volunteers in supporting the most vulnerable people in their local area
  • share knowledge, training and skills between the Hubs
  • ensure best practice around inclusion, diversity, safeguarding and volunteer management
  • improve cross sector working and collaboration

Community Hub Support

Communities will be supported in a number of different ways: Community groups who want to do more to support their places, will be supported to grow sustainably, making sure they have the resources and training they need before taking on more responsibilities. They will be helped to manage expectations of what they can do with what they’ve got and making realistic plans for their next steps. Some communities have more ‘social capital’ than others, they have resources and know how to use them but some do not. Part of this project is about supporting communities who don’t have the resources or confidence to use them. Relationships can be built between community groups and other agencies to encourage cross sector working, making it easier for people to reach the support they need. This also means volunteers don’t have to feel that they must hold all the answers.

Sharing good practice and facilitating learning so each group grows in their own way, making decisions about their own development and future direction. Sharing resources between partners to save time and avoid duplication.

Meet Miranda


I come with a diverse professional background, having started my career as a journalist, before moving to work in international development and humanitarian response. More recently I have worked for local authority public health teams, first in the London Borough of Hackney and then in Gloucestershire. I'm passionate about supporting and developing community led action and using asset-based approaches to improve social connectedness and therefore resilience. My role at Creative Sustainability CIC will be to bring all the learning from the last 18 months to ensure we are better prepared to deal with emergencies in the future. 


Find a hub near you: 

There are a number of Community Hubs across the Stroud District. Take a look at our local hub map below and view a list of contacts. If you would like to have your Community Hub added to the list, or have any questions regarding the project, please contact


All Pulling Together 

Address: 1, Park Parade, Stonehouse GL10 2DB 



Cashes Green Community Centre 

Address: 1-3 Queen's Drive, Cashes Green, Stroud, GL5 4NR 



Coopers Edge Community Centre


Address: Typhoon Way, Brockworth, Gloucestershire,UK GL3 4DY 



Creative Sustainability

Address: Fromehall Mill, Lodgemore Lane, Stroud, GL5 3EH



GL11 Community Hub

Address: Fairmead, Cam, Dursley, GL11 5JS



Middle of the Hill Community Group

Address: Nouncells Cross Community Room, Bisley Old Road, Stroud GL5 1PU



Paganhill Community Group

Address: Farmhill Ln, Paganhill, Stroud GL5 4BX



Painswick Community Support




The Fig Tree 

Address: The High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2AN 



The Keepers Community Hub

Address: Symn Lane, Wotton-under-Edge, GL12 7BD 



Top of Town Community Hub

Address: Bisley Old Road, Stroud, GL5 1LZ



Trinity Rooms Community Hub

Address: Trinity Rooms, Field Road, Stroud GL5 2HZ



For more information on the Community Hubs project, please go to Creative Sustainability's website here

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