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Transfer of ownership or changing from hackney to private hire or visa versa

Transfer of Vehicle ( Transferring ownership or changing a hackney carriage to a private hire and visa versa)

You can make a transfer application is you have bought a vehicle that is already plated and licensed from another licence holder.  You can also use this application is you want to change your licensed hackney carriage vehicle into a private hire vehicle and visa versa.

To make a transfer application the new owner must submit the following to;

  • Application form
  • Fee - transfer fee plus a replacement plate fee if a replacement plate is needed - see payment links below
  • Proof of transfer of the licensed vehicle such as a registration certificate in the new owner’s name or, if not available, a bill of sale, an invoice or a credit agreement
  • A valid insurance certificate or cover note.
  • MOT (unless the vehicle is less than one year old)
  • Ensure that the vehicle holds a valid Council Vehicle Test Certificate. (Copies of the Council Vehicle Test inspection sheet are sent by the authorised garage electronically direct to the Licensing Team)
  • Written consent to transfer from previous licence holder
  • Basic DBS Certificate not more than one month old unless you hold or are also applying for a hackney carriage or private hire driver licence and are providing an Enhanced DBS check through that process

Links to Pay 

Hackney Carriage Vehicle Transfer application fee

Hackney Carriage Replacement plate (only if a new plate is required)

Private Hire Vehicle  Transfer application fee

Private Hire Vehicle Replacement Plate (only if a new plate is required)

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