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Taxi Fees

Taxi and Private Hire Fees

From April 2020



Licence Type


Drivers Taxi Drivers and Private Hire Drivers

Driver licence - New Application 1 year


Driver licence - New Application 3 year


Driver licence - Renewal 1 year


Driver licence - Renewal 3 year


Written Knowledge Test - Taxi Driver only


DVLA check - required on new app and then on every renewal


DBS check - required on new app and then every 3 years


Replacement badge


Vehicles Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

Vehicle Licence - New Application 1 Year (inc plate)


Vehicle Licence - Renewal 1 year


Transfer (ownership or HCV to PHV) of vehicle licence


Change of Vehicle


Change of Registration of Vehicle


Replacement plate




Plate Deposit


Private Hire Plate Exemption


Private Hire Plate Exemption Renewal


Operator Private Hire only

Operator New App 1 year


Operator New App 5 year


Operator Renewal 1 year


Operator Renewal 5 year





Other costs including medical, road safety driving assessment, and vehicle council tests are payable direct to the supplier

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