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Immigration Act 2016

From 1st December 2016, immigration checks will be a mandatory part of the licensing regime for Taxis and Private Hire vehicles, under section 37 and Schedule 5 to the Act. This means that, new applicants and all drivers/Private Hire Operators on renewal will need to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK, and licences will not be issued to those who do not have the right to work. Where immigration permission is time-limited, a licence will not be issued for a period that exceeds this period. Where the holder of a licence breaches immigration laws, this will be grounds to review, suspend or revoke a licence. If immigration permission is cut short, the holder of the licence will be committing an offence if they do not return the licence to the licensing authority, for which they may be fined. Please see our guidance for a list of accepted documents. For more information please see our renewals fact sheet




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