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Consultation - Implementation of Section 167 WAV List

Stroud District Council is seeking views on:

  • Implementing¬†Section 167 of the Equality Act 2010
  • Adding the process for Medical Exemptions

Stroud District Council are committed to ensuring that all members of our society receive fair treatment and equal opportunities and Section 167 of the Equality Act 2010 allows those who rely on a wheelchair or an assistance dog to be confident and feel safe with their travel.

The Department for Transport has issued statutory guidance to Licensing Authorities recommending that they implement Section 167 of the Equality Act 2010 which states that a Licensing Authority may maintain a formal list of designated Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles. The drivers of vehicles included on that list will have specific duties under Section 165 of the Act as detailed below:

  • To carry the passenger whilst in the wheelchair,
  • Not to make any additional charge for doing so,
  • If the person chooses to sit in a passenger seat, to carry the wheelchair,
  • To take such steps as are reasonably necessary to ensure the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort; and
  • To give the passenger such mobility assistance as is reasonably required.

Failure to meet these duties can lead to prosecution.

Section 166 of the Act allows the Licensing Authority to exempt drivers from the duties under Section 165 where it is appropriate to do son, on medical grounds or because the driver's physical condition makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to comply. As a result of this Stroud District Council's Taxi and Private Hire Policy will need to be amended to include the process on how to apply for a Medical Exemption from the above duties.

Click here to view the Consultation document.

The Consultation period is 30th May 2018 to 27th July 2018

Comments can be sent by email to

or posted to:

Licensing Section

Stroud District Council

Ebley Mill

Ebley Wharf



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