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Contact details for Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles

The following taxi/private hire firms have wheelchair accessible vehicles licensed by Stroud District Council.

The following taxi companies have wheelchair accessible vehicles and have asked for their contact details to be on our website. Please note this is not a full list of all Taxi and Private Hire businesses with wheelchair accessible vehicles licensed by Stroud District Council.

If you are a taxi or private hire business licensed by Stroud District Council with a wheelchair accessible vehicle and you want your contact details included on this page please complete the consent form and return it to the Licensing Section either by post or emailing the completed form to


Taxi and Private Hire Companies with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles licensed by Stroud district Council

Company Name

Contact Information



A-One Private Hire

Contact: Brian Trinder/Sophie Shimman

Mobile: 07543 289978

Mobile: 07800 933201





Jenkins Taxis



Contact: A Jenkins

Telephone: 01453 542346



ACA Taxis

Contact: Andrew Curry

Mobile: 07525 142295

Robert Curry

Contact: Bob

Mobile: 07715 630320


Scott Wyndow

Contact: Scott

Mobile:  07817 309143

Majestic Taxis

Contact: Firoz Veshmia

Mobile: 07866993781

Click here to view the full list of Stroud District Council Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles that are designated under Section 165 of the Equality Act 

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