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Covid 19 - Advice for Taxi and Private Hire Businesses

Advice on Step 4

1.  Government Advice for Taxis and PHVs on how to operate safely during Covid Step 4

Click here to see the latest Government advice for taxi and private hire operators on how to stay safe during Step 4, including use of face coverings and ventilation.


2.  Can I have a Covid screen in my vehicle?

You are permitted to install screens or partitions in your vehicle, if you choose, provided it meets the specifications and authorisation process in the Council's policy.


Here is a link to the Government's advice on safety screen for taxis and PHVs


Here is a link to the LGA (Local Government Association) guidance on screens/partitions in taxis


Licensing Team Availability and Procedures During Step 4 


1.  Are the Council Offices at Ebley Mill Open?

SDC staff are still being encouraged to work from home by the leadership team. This means that we are only occasionally at Ebley Mill and we still prefer any applications to be submitted by email.

You can drop paperwork into the post box outside Ebley Mill but please do not drop off cheques as we cannot process them.

The reception is not open to the general public yet but we can see people by appointment if necessary.


2.  Can I ring the Licensing Team?

You can ring the Licensing Team on 01453 754440. If we are busy please leave a message and we will call you back.

The Licensing team is not available to contact by phone after 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You may find it easier to email us on


3.  WilI I still receive my licence renewal reminders by Post?

Yes, the licensing team will continue to send renewal reminders by post using an external postal service. This is so you can complete the renewal form and then scan/photograph it and return it back to us, along with any supporting documents that we have asked for. You should send them to or post them to Ebley Mill. The licensing team will phone you for payment or you can pay on-line.


There is more information about renewals on our renewal webpage


4. Will I still receive a reminder when my vehicle inspection at an authorised garage is due?

Yes the licensing team will send reminders by post. The garage should email the inspection certificate to us directly.


5. Can I post original documents to the Council Offices?

We recommend that you do not send original documents like driving licences and registration documents as we may not be able to post them back to you immediately, and they may get lost. We prefer you to copy or photograph the document and email it to us.


6. Can I pay by cheque or cash?

No. Do not send a cheque as we cannot process them. We also cannot accept cash at this time. The licensing team will telephone you to take payment or you can pay online.


7. How Can I pay online?

You can pay for your renewal or for a DBS application on-line . See our page on taxi renewals for the link. However we can only take payment for new applications and transfer/change of vehicles applications by phone.


8. How will my renewed taxi or private hire licence and badge be sent to me? 

Your renewed licence and interim authority notice will be emailed to you if we have an email address for you, otherwise they will be sent in the post.  The badge will be sent to you in the post as soon as we can.


9. How will my renewed vehicle licence and internal vehicle disc be sent to me?

Your renewed licence and interim authority notice will be emailed to you if we have an email address for you, otherwise they will be sent in the post.  Your internal disc will be sent to you in the post as soon as we can.


10.  My licence is currently deferred, can I reinstate it.

Provided your licence has not expired we can reinstate it. Please contact us if you need to make your licence active again. When a deferred licence is due to expire we will send you a renewal reminder and you can choose to renew the licence as normal.


11.   I do not want to renew my licence or I want to surrender my licence?

You will need to let us know in writing by emailing We will then cancel your renewal or surrender your licence as well as arrange for any refunds for plate deposits or remaining months that may be due. Refunds will be made to your bank account so you will need to provide the licensing team with your bank details.


12. How can I return my taxi plate to get my plate deposit back.

You cannot return your plate to the Council at this time. You must destroy the plate and any badges by defacing them or cutting them up and disposing of them. You should email the licensing team on with a statement confirming that you have done this.


13.  How can I get a replacement external plate

If you need an external plate we will arrange with you a time and date for you to meet up with an Officer in the carpark of the Council Offices at Ebley Mill where the plate will be handed to you.


14. I cannot get a medical done because my GP surgery is prioritising other things?

Most GP surgeries have restarted offering medicals. If your practice has delays please let us know on  . If your medical has been outstanding for some time we will send you a reminder and you should go back to your GP.


15. I cannot get a new photo for my driver licence?

If you have an up to date electronic head and shoulders photograph you can email this to us.


16. How can I get my enhanced criminal check done?

You must use the on-line system which is explained on our web pages


17.  Can I make a new taxi or private hire driver or vehicle application?

Yes we can accept new driver applications. Please contact the Licensing Team on for further advice.


18. Can I change my licensed vehicle or put on a new vehicle?

Yes. You will need to email the licensing team on  with the application form and supporting documents. See our taxi vehicle licensing web pages for the forms and documents required.


In addition, you will need to email the licensing team photos of the vehicle, if a Licensing Officer is not available to check your vehicle in person. You will need to get any new vehicle inspected at one of Council’s authorised garages which are listed on the link above.




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