Stroud District Councils Street Trading Resolution and Policy 2020

Coronavirus Update

Following formal consultation between 5th February 2020 to 4th March 2020, it was intended that a revised Street Trading resolution and policy would have been formally adopted at the Council's Community Services and Licensing Committee which was planned for 26th March 2020 with a implementation date of 1 May 2020.  This meeting was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The policy will be formally adopted once meetings can be reconvened. In the meantime, from 1 May 2020 the Council will in general terms operate in accordance with the new resolution and policy.


The Resolution designates the 'streets' in Stroud District where street trading is prohibited unless the trader holds street trading consent issued by Stroud District Council.  In the legislation 'streets' is a broad term and includes streets, pavements, laybys and any land, including private land, that the public have access to without payment.

Stroud District Council’s Resolution 2020 designates all 'streets' as consent streets except 'streets' owned and managed by public authorities and registered charities, with the exception of public highways. This means that:

  • Trading on any streets or land owned and managed by County Council (except Highways), Stroud District Council or Town and Parish Councils does not need street trading consent.
  • Trading on streets or land owned and managed by a registered charity does not need street trading consent.
  • Trading on public highways and private land that the public have access to without payment does need street trading consent.



Stroud District Council’s Street Trading Policy outlines the Council’s approach to the licensing of street trading in Stroud district. It is used when making decisions about whether to grant or refuse street trading consents and provides guidance to new applicants and existing consent holders.




Proposed New Street Trading Resolution

Proposed Revised Street Trading Policy




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