Street Trading Consultation - Proposal to change Stroud District Council’s Resolution and revise the Street Trading Policy 2019

Dates of consultation:



The Resolution is the Council’s designation as to which streets and land in Stroud District need street trading consent

Stroud District Council’s current Resolution designates all streets and land in the district, that the public have access to without payment, as consent streets. The current Resolution specifically states that this includes all County, District and Town and Parish Council owned land.


The proposal is to change the Resolution to designate all land as consent streets except land owned and managed by public authorities and registered charities. This will mean that:

  • Trading on any streets or land owned and managed by County Council (except Highways), Stroud District Council or Town and Parish Councils will not need street trading consent.
  • Trading on streets or land owned and managed by a registered charity will not need street trading consent.
  • Trading on Highways land and private land that the public have access to without payment will continue to need street trading consent.

The reason for changing the resolution is due to legal advice that the current exemptions and waivers for markets and community and charitable events in the current policy are not permissible under the legislation and cannot continue. Removing the current exemptions would mean that all events that have stalls selling items, including village fetes and community markets would need street trading consent. Town and Parish Council’s have told us that this would be detrimental to the community. The proposed new resolution will mean that such events will continue to not need street trading consent.



Stroud District Council’s Street Trading Policy outlines the Council’s approach to the licensing of street trading in Stroud district. It is used when making decisions about whether to grant or refuse street trading consents and provides guidance to new applicants and existing consent holders.

The policy was reviewed and consulted on during summer 2019. Some further amendments have been made to reflect comments from the first consultation and the new proposal to change the resolution.

The draft new policy shows the original proposed changes highlighted in red and further changes reflecting the proposed new resolution and comments from the first consultation in green.



Proposed New Street Trading Resolution

Draft Street Trading Policy



The Council welcomes any comments about Stroud District Council’s proposed new resolution and revised Street Trading Policy. Please email your comments by Friday 20th December 2019 to the licensing section at or write to The Licensing Section, Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, GL5 4UB

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