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Consultation on Stroud District Council's Street Trading Policy 2019

Dates of consultation:


Consultation Summary

Stroud District Council’s Street Trading Policy outlines the Council’s approach to the licensing of street trading in Stroud district. It is used when making decisions about whether to grant or refuse street trading consents and provides guidance to new applicants and existing consent holders.

The current policy has been reviewed and some amendments proposed.


The summary highlights the proposed changes and reasons

The draft policy is the full document with proposed changes highlighted in red

The Key Changes

  • Removal of blanket exemption in current policy for community and charitable events from needing street trading consent.
  • Clarification that community and charitable events that have an organiser and can control entry are not street trading. This will include village events such as fetes.
  • A new short term event consent that can cover multiple stalls at an event that takes place in the street. This will include community and charitable events held in town centres such as Christmas Goodwill events. 
  • Clarifying the procedure for street trading consent for Informal Markets such as the Stroud Farmers Market and other markets not operating under a Charter or Order.
  • Removing the provision to transfer a street trading consent from one trader to another.

Making Comment

The consultation on draft proposed changes to our street trading policy has now ended. The Council received a range of comments which have been considered. It has been concluded that the draft policy needs further work in order to give clarity and reduce unintended implications in relation to markets and community events.

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