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Street Parties

If you are planning on holding a small event for your neighbours you may need to inform the Council.



Alcohol and food

A licence isn’t needed if you’re going to provide alcohol for free at your event.

To sell alcohol you’ll need a ‘temporary events notice’ which costs £21. You can apply for this on our Temporary event notice webpage.

Food can be served and sold up to 11pm without a licence. If you want to serve or sell it after 11pm, contact the Licensing Team on 01453 754440.

You don’t need a licence to give alcoholic beverages away as prizes, like a bottle of champagne for a winning raffle ticket, but there are rules about what can be given away. Contact the Licensing Team on 01453 754440 for more information.


You don’t need a music licence, whether the music is live or pre-recorded, as long as your street party is a private party for residents and you haven’t advertised the music to make money or attract people.

Raffles and tombolas

Gambling regulations don’t apply if tombola or raffle tickets are sold on the day and the prizes aren’t worth more than £500 in total.

If tickets are sold in advance or your prizes are worth more than £500 contact the Licensing Team on 01453 754440 as you might have to register your raffle as a lottery.

Road closures

If you are planning to hold an event and would like to close a road to enable that event to be held then you need to apply to the Council for a Temporary Road Closure Order.



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