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How to make a licensing payment online

Please note that not all payments can currently be made online. If you cannot find the payment type that you are looking for please call us on 01453 754440 and we can take the fee over the telephone.

Instructions for Making a Licensing Payment Online


Click here to make a payment online and follow the instructions below.


1. Under the 'Payment Types' menu on the left-hand side you will need to select the correct category for the payment that you are making e.g. 'Taxi and Private Hire' or 'Licensing Act 2003'


2. Under 'Please Select a service to pay for' you will need to choose the type of application that you are making from the drop down box


3. Click on the blue select box, this will bring up the correct fee


4. Enter the required details into the boxes


5. At the bottom click on 'Add to List'


6. Your payment should now show under 'Payment Review'


7. You can add additional payments by selecting another option in the 'Please Select a service to pay for' drop down. Enter your details and click on 'Add to List'. Your additional payment(s) will now also show under 'Payment Review


8. When you have selected all payments you wish to make, click 'Pay' which will take you to a Payment Screen


9. Enter your card details and click 'Submit'


10. Double check the payment details and then click 'Confirm'


11. Enter your email address and you will automatically receive a receipt


When the payment summary is displayed, if you do not click confirm, the payment will not go through.



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