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Licensed Premises Gaming Machines

If you have a business that has a licence for on-sales of alcohol and it has a bar, for example a pub, you are permitted to have category C and D gaming machines provided you have the relevant notification or permit.

Licensed premises gaming machine notification (For up to 2 gaming machines)

Licensed premises have an automatic entitlement of up to 2 gaming machines however you must submit a Notification and pay the fee of £50. The Notification is of unlimited duration unless the circumstances change. You cannot transfer a Notification, if the pub licence holder changes the new licence holder must submit a new Notification.

Licensed premises gaming machine permit (For more than 2 gaming machines)

If you want to have more than 2 gaming machines in your pub you must apply for a Licensed Premises Gaming Machine permit. A new application is £150 and there is an annual fee of £50. You can transfer a permit if the pub licence holder changes, the fee for transfer is £25.

What are the categories of machines available?

Category of machine Maximum stake
Maximum prize
C £1 £100
D non-money prize (other than crane grab machine) 30p £8
D non-money prize (crane grab machine) £1 £50
D money prize 10p £5
D combined money and non-money prize (other than coin pusher or penny falls machines) 10p £8 (of which no more than £5 may be a money prize) 
D combined money and non-money prize (coin pusher or penny falls machine)  20p £20 (of which no more than £10 may be a money prize)

Submitting a notification or applying for a permit


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