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Club gaming machine permit

Allows gaming machines in members' clubs, commercial clubs and miners' welfare institutes. Gaming machines are also known as fruit or amusement with prizes machines.

New Application Club machine permit - Key features



New Application


Fast Track Application Fee (If hold Club Registration Certificate)


fee(10 yrs)

Fast Track Renewal Fee (If hold Club Registration Cert)

Annual Fee

Club Gaming Permit (Machines and Gaming)






Club Machine Permit

(Machines only)







Apply for a club or gaming machine permit

As well as sending your form, fee and documents to us, you will also need to send a copy of your application to the following:

The Gambling Commission,
Victoria Square House,
Victoria Square,
B2 4BP
Tel: 0121 230 6666
Fax: 0121 233 1096

and to:

Gloucestershire Constabulary
Licensing Unit,
Community Engagement Dept,
Police Headquarters,
No 1 Waterwells,

Phone: 01452 754482

Annual fees

You will be required to pay an annual fee in respect of your permit. Where a permit comes into effect on the date it is issued then the first annual fee for the permit has to be paid within 30 days after that date.


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