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Apply for a Gambling Permit

  • bullet-listpng Licensed Premises Gaming Machines

    If you have a business that has a licence for on-sales of alcohol and it has a bar, for example a pub, you are permitted to have category C and D gaming machines provided you have the relevant Notification or Permit.

  • bullet-listpng Club gaming machine permit

    Allows gaming machines in members' clubs, commercial clubs and miners' welfare institutes. Gaming machines are also known as fruit or amusement with prizes machines.

  • bullet-listpng Family entertainment centre gaming machine permit (Unlicensed)

    Family entertainment centres (FECs) are most commonly found at seaside resorts, in airports, and at motorway service centres. FECs cater for families, including unaccompanied children and young people.

  • bullet-listpng Occasional use notice

    Occasional use notices are used to permit licensed betting operators - with the appropriate permission from the Gambling Commission - to use tracks for short periods of betting at events which are temporary or infrequent.

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