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Application to transfer a premises licence

A transfer application is to transfer ownership of a premises licence from an existing licence holder to a new licence holder. If the transfer application is granted, a new licence will be issued in the name of the new licence holder.  The times and activities permitted on the licence will remain unchanged. (If you need to change the designated premises supervisor you must complete a separate vary DPS application)

Application requirements 


 Application form to transfer a premises licence

This form is to be completed by the person(s) or organisation that wishes to be the new premises licence holder.  This can be individual names or a business or charity name


Consent of existing licence holder to transfer

 This form is to be completed by the existing licence holder(s) consenting to the licence to be transferred to a new person or organisation. 


 Right to work check

If applying as an individual(s) you must provide us with a copy of proof that you have the right to work in the UK You do not need this if you are applying in a company or charity name.        


Copy of application form to the Police

The licensing team will email a copy of your application to the Police on your behalf




Application forms and payment

Apply online through You will also be able to pay online through the link

Apply by email, post or deliver by hand.

Alternatively you can contact the licensing team and make the payment over the telephone

  • Address: Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, GL5 4UB
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01453 754440


The fee for a transfer is £23.  

What happens next?

If you have ticked the box on the application form stating that you wish the transfer to have immediate effect, the transfer will have effect as soon as the valid application is submitted to the Licensing Section. For convenience we will issue the new licence to you straight away.  The Police can object to a transfer application and they must do this within 14 days from the day they are notified of the application.  If the Police object a hearing will be held to make a decision.

Will a transfer application change the DPS named on the licence?

No.  Licences that include sale of alcohol will have a named designated premises supervisor (DPS) on the licence and this will remain unchanged.  If you wish to also change the designated premises supervisor you must submit a separate application to vary the designated premises supervisor.

How does a transfer effect the annual fee?

Some Premises Licences incur an annual fee which becomes due on the anniversary of the original grant date of the licence and is payable by whoever is the licence holder at the time of the annual fee becomes due.  If a licence is transferred the due date for the annual fee is unchanged. This means that an annual fee may be due soon after the transfer is granted.  Contact the Licensing Section if you want confirmation of the relevant annual fee due date.

What happens if I have gaming machines?

If  you wish to continue to have  gaming machines or to put gaming machines in your premises you must submit to the Licensing Section a notification to have up to 2 gaming machines and pay the fee.  You cannot transfer a gaming machine notification held by the previous premises licence holder.  



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