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Online Alcohol Sales

If you are selling alcohol online, including alcohol supplied with other goods, such  in a food hamper, this is classed as retail sale of alcohol and needs to be covered by an authorisation under the Licensing Act 2003


This can be either:

  • A full Premises licence which will also need a named designated premises supervisor that holds a personal licence. The location to be covered by the premises licence is normally the site where the alcohol is appropriated from. This means the location where the alcohol is packed up and dispatched and could be a domestic house or a business unit. 
    • Here is the link to our web page about premises licences
    • Here is a link to our web page about personal licences


  • Temporary Event Notices which are occasional permissions for limited times and periods. An example where these can be used for online sales is where the sales are only for a limited period, for example 4 weekends leading up to Christmas. A particular location can only have 15 temporary event notices a calendar year. They cost £21 each time and can last up to 7 days.  You cannot have more than 21 days a calendar year and you must have 24 hours between temporary event notices.
    • Here is a link to our web page about temporary event notices  

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