New Covid Rules for Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Social Clubs and Takeaways - September 2020

New rules for hospitality venues selling food and drink including cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, social clubs and takeaways – 24 September 2020

This information is intended as a update for licensed premises on recent changes in Covid 19 restrictions. Please note that we are waiting for further clarification from the Government on some points so this information may change.  



  • Premises must be closed for business between 10pm and 5am. This means that you must close by 10pm and there should be no customers in your premises after this time. If you have sale of alcohol you will need to consider having last orders at 9.30pm.
  • Takeaways, where customers go to the business premises to buy/collect, are included, but food and drink delivery services and drive-thrus are not restricted by the curfew.
  • Link to regulation 

Table Service

  • At premises licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, food and drink must be ordered and served at a table. So customers cannot stand at the bar.
  • Inside all businesses selling food and drink for consumption inside, customers can only eat and drink if sat at a table.
  • The rules for outside areas of licensed premises are not yet clear. So at this time we advise that you also have table service for all outside areas used by your customers.
  • Link to regulation

Face Coverings

  • Customers must wear face coverings except when seated inside at a table to eat and drink.
  • Staff must wear face coverings. There is no clear definition of face covering yet but it must cover the nose and mouth. At this time, we believe face visors or shields are acceptable provided they cover the nose and mouth. There may be further Government Guidance on visors and shields.
  • There is exemption for children under 11 and for persons who cannot wear a face covering for health reasons.


Contact and Trace

  • You must make available a QR code so customers can scan the QR code when they enter your premises – see
  • You must display the NHS QR code poster at your premises
  • For customers who have not scanned in a QR code you must record.
  1. Name
  2. Contact telephone number, or if they don’t have one, an e-mail address or a postal address
  3. Date and time of entry
  • If they are a group one person can give details and must give the number of people in that group (including any member of the group that has scanned a QR Code )
  • You must take all reasonable steps to prevent access to a customer who refuses to provide contact details
  • Link to Regulation


Rule of 6

  • Your customers can not be in groups of any more than 6 persons
  • You must not take table bookings for groups of any more than 6 persons
  • There should be social distancing between groups and the groups should not mingle
  • You should have 2 metres between tables or you can reduce this to 1 metre with mitigations such as screens



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