From 17th May 2021 - Hospitality Venues - What you need to know

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FAQs for Hospitality Businesses

  Step 3 of the Roadmap -  17th May 2021


Can I open my hospitality venue indoors from 17th May 2021?

  • Yes. hospitality premises can open indoors but your customers must be seated to eat or drink and must stick to the indoor social distancing rules. Customers can only order and be served food and/or drink when seated so you must operate table service.

What are the social distancing rules for indoors?

  • Indoors your customers can be seated in groups of no more than 6 persons or 2 households. You need to have 2 metres between tables or 1 metre with mitigation such as screens.

What are the rules about face coverings indoors?

  • Your customers must wear face coverings indoors except when seated.
  • Customers coming indoors from outdoor areas to use toilets or other facilities must wear a face covering when they are indoors
  • Your staff must wear face coverings when they are indoors in any areas used by the public. We recommend that staff wear a face covering indoors and outdoors.


What are the rules for eating and drinking outside?

  • Outside customers can only eat and/or drink when seated and must stick to the outdoor social distancing rules.
  • Customers can only order and be served when seated so you must operate a table service. Your customers can go inside to pay at the bar if you cannot take payment outside at the table.

What are the social distancing  rules for outside?

  • Outside your customers can be seated in groups of no more than 30 persons. You must have at least 2 metres between tables or 1 metre with mitigation.


What are the rules for Marquees?

  • If your marquee has more than 50% of its walls open then outdoor rules apply. You can have  tables of up to 30 people.
  • If your marquee has less than 50% of its walls open then indoor rules apply. You can have tables of no more than 6 people or 2 families.


Can I hold a live music event ?

  • Yes, you can have events indoors and outdoors but you must complete a Covid 19 risk assessment and make sure that social distancing between the permitted social contact groups of attendees can be maintained. You have a responsibility to take all reasonable action to mitigate risk to public health
  • Indoors the rule for social contact groups is up to 6 people or 2 households 
  • Outdoors the rule for social contact groups is 30 people
  • Indoors and outdoors there is a cap of 50% of capacity ( caps refer to event attendees only and do not include staff)
  • If customers are having food and/or drink at your event then they must be seated. Table service must operate and attendees cannot buy drinks from a bar. 
  • You will need to ensure that there is no mixing between social contact groups. You may need to employ extra staff to mange this.
  • Indoors you must make sure attendees are wearing masks.


Do I still have to record contact details for Track and Trace ?

  • Yes,   every adult in a party over 16 must sign in individually.
  • Under 16s are exempt from needing to sign into track and trace
  • You must refuse entry to your premises if a customer refuses to sign in for track and trace.  So you need to be prepared and have system in place to refuse service to persons who will not engage in the process.
  • You should display an official NHS QR code poster at your premises
  •  You should also have a manual log book or other way to collect contact details for customers who do not have a mobile phone and are not able to use the QR code.

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