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Application for a major variation to a club premises certificate

You will need to submit a major variation application to make any major changes to activities permitted, days and times, conditions or plans on a club premises certificate.

Some small changes, such as internal layout on the plans, adding or changing regulated entertainment permissions or removing or adding conditions, where those changes are unlikely to impact on the licensing objectives, can be achieved through the minor variation process. 

Most changes relating to changing or adding hours for sales of alcohol can only be made using the major variation process.

Application requirements 


Application form


Plans of the premises if the relevant to the variation application


 Application fee                 


The Licensing Team will email the responsible authorities with a copy of your application 


You must place a blue notice at the club from the day after the application is valid and ensure it remains in place for 28 days      


You must place a public notice in a local newspaper within 10 working days from the day after the application is valid       

Major variation to a club premises certificate application forms

Link to apply online through You will also be able to pay online through the link

Link for application form if you want to apply by email, post or deliver by hand.

Address: Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, GL5 4UB


Telephone: 01453 754440

If you apply by email, post or deliver your application by hand you will need to contact the licensing team and make the payment over the telephone


If your variation includes a change to the layout of the premises licence, or is to add an additional area, you will need to submit new plans.  The plans must be drawn to scale (1:100cm) and must show:

  • Boundary of the full area to covered by the premises licence – this may include outside areas. It is helpful if you outline this boundary in red ink and indicate which parts are changing
  • Show the areas where different licensable activities will take place including consumption of alcohol if appropriate
  • All access and egress points including escape routes
  • Any fixed structures which may impact on the ability of individuals at the premises to leave the building safely.
  • Location of fire safety equipment


The major variation fee is dependant on the non domestic rateable value (NDRV) of the premises. This is not the same as the actual business rate which you pay, but it is a value determined by the Valuation Office.  The NDRV of any premises can be checked on the Valuation Office Agency’s website  

Here is a link to List of Fees

Representation Period and Notices

When we receive your application we will acknowledge receipt and confirm whether it is valid. If your application is unclear or missing anything we will contact you.  The representation period will not start until the application is valid.

 A 28 day representation period will start the day after your application is valid. Once the representation period starts you must display a blue notice at the premises and take out a newspaper notice. See below for the template and more details.

Blue Notice - It is the applicants responsibility to advertise the  application by displaying a pale blue notice – size at least A4, with black printing or type equal to or greater than font size 16 placed in a prominent position at or on the premises concerned where it can be conveniently read from the exterior of the premises.  If the premises cover more than 50 metres square, further blue notices must be placed every 50 metres along the external perimeter of the premises abutting any highway.

This notice must be displayed for not less than 28 consecutive days following the day on which the application was valid. 

Newspaper Notice - The applicant must advertise the application in a local newspaper circulating in the vicinity of the premises, such as the Stroud News & Journal, Dursley Gazette or any other local newspaper.  The newspaper notice must be circulated on at least one occasion within 10 working days, starting on the day after the application was given to Stroud District Council Licensing Team.  The newspaper notice should contain the same information as  the blue notice.


The application will be invalid if the applicant has not displayed the blue notice and/or placed a notice in the newspaper in the timescales above.

What happens next?

The responsible authorities or any other person such as local residents or Town or Parish Councils, can make representation about your  major variation application.  A representation must relate to one or more of the Licensing objectives.  Representations must be made during the 28 days from the day after the application was submitted to the Licensing Section.

The responsible authorities may contact you during the representation period to discuss any concerns they may have

If there are no relevant representations from the responsible authorities or other persons your licence will be granted at the end of the representation period in the terms that you applied for.

However, if a relevant representation has been received, the Licensing Section will arrange a hearing before a panel of the Licensing and Regulation Committee.  The date for this will be within 20 working days from the end of the representation period. The applicant and all relevant parties that submitted representations will be invited to attend the hearing.  At the hearing all parties will have an opportunity to put forward their case and the hearing panel will then make a decision.  The decision may be:

  • Grant the variation in the terms applied for
  • Grant the variation with conditions. This could include reduced hours or not permitting an extra licensable activity
  • Refuse the variation application


Any person aggrieved by the decision of the hearing has a right to appeal to the Magistrates Courts within 21 days of being notified of the decision.


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