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Inspection, investigation and enforcement

Officers carry out unannounced inspections and regularly investigate food poisoning incidents, accidents and complaints. They have wide ranging powers to stop dangerous practices or secure improvements.

Their main responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out programmed inspections of premises and advising businesses on legal requirements and best practice (you can find out more about our food safety activities in our Food Service PlanNote: due to our response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have not prepared a food service plan for 2020/21)
  • Investigating food poisoning incidents and outbreaks
  • Investigation of the causes of accidents reported to us, with emphasis on key health and safety priorities.
  • Respond to complaints and requests for advice received about poor or unsafe conditions. The team will investigate concerns raised by both employees and members of the public.

Note: HSE mainly deal with health and safety enforcement in factories, construction sites and farms whereas local authorities cover the retail, catering, entertainment and service industries.

Environmental health enforcement policy

In performing our duties we liaise with national enforcement agencies and neighbouring authorities in Gloucestershire in order to ensure consistent enforcement. The service has an enforcement policy which explains how we make decisions when enforcing the law.


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