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Managing Covid through the winter.

Free seminars for Gloucestershire Businesses.

During the winter months covid-19 infections are likely to increase as people spend more time indoors, windows are closed to keep out the cold and ventilation rates are reduced.

The Governments Autumn and Winter plan relies on high take up of covid vaccination and an effective system to test, trace and isolate infected people. Nevertheless, infection rates in Gloucestershire in October 2021 reached an all time high and as many as 1 in 50 people were thought to be infected. The Autumn Winter plan includes a Plan B in case Plan A is not sufficient to keep the virus at manageable levels. 

Businesses continue to have a legal obligation to carryout a health and safety risk assessment and do what they reasonably can to protect employees and visitors from the risk of infection at work. Risk assessments must now identify how the current government workplace guidelines can be implemented to reduce the risk of covid spreading in your workplace. 

To help local businesses plan for the winter Stroud District Council is offering free places at a number of half-day seminars in November/December 2021. To book up to 2 free place please click on the relevant link below:

Courses Dates &Venues

Tuesday 16th November 10am - 1pm  at The Stroud District Council Offices, Ebley Mill, Stroud. (closed)

Wednesday 17th November 6pm -9 pm The Egypt Mill, Nailsworth. (closed)

Tuesday 23rd November 10am - 1pm  at The Bowden Hall Hotel , Upton st Leonards. (closed)

Thursday 2nd December 10am - 1pm  at The Egypt Mill, Nailsworth. (full)

Monday 13th December 2021 10am to 1pm at Stroud District Council Offices, Ebley Mill (places available)

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