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The comments will be sent to the relevant planning officer. Please note that your comments will be available for others to read as it is placed on the file with the other documents relating to the planning application.

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Application Ref. S.16/0043/OUT
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Please note, a scanned copy of your comments form will be available for others, including the applicant, to read as it is placed on the website with the other documents relating to this planning application. Please note that for transparency, your name and address are likely to appear on the website. We will however try to remove signatures, phone numbers and email addresses, however we cannot guarantee to do this on every occasion.

Please also note that should a subsequent application be submitted or there is a companion application (a listed building, householder etc…), these comments will not necessarily by transferred to the other file. You are advised to make a comment on each occasion


This page was last updated: 24 August 2017

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