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This page is designed for solicitors, conveyancers and homeowners to research planning history and obtain copies of decision notices. As our planning register dates back to 1947, there are many formats, maps and registers to interrogate. This has made computerisation problematic and not wholly automated. Guidance on how to use the system is given below. Recent decision notices are not held here, please use the other searches above.

This is a free service. If you wish the Business Support Unit to search the records for you, they will be pleased to help - there will however be a fee that is proportional to the time taken.

Basic Search Help

If you have received a land charge search, or know your site number (not to be confused with the case number which usually starts "S.") just type it in the first box, without any "/" or letters (for example 1234), and click submit. You will then be offered one or more Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents that contain the decision notices. Click on one to open it. If you have a recent version of Acrobat on your PC, it will also search for that number in the PDF document.

The PDF documents are in numeric order, so if the copy is so poor it could not be searched, just leaf through the book in the traditional way to find what you are looking for. In the search box below, enter the Site Reference number then click submit.


Advanced Searches

LBC related documents

If you already have a Listed Building reference number, following a local search, numbered between S.LBC/1 – S.LBC.1176/A you can find the decision notice below.

These Decision notices are not searchable using the Basic Search instructions above and are dated January 1969 – April 1994.  Any Listed Building Decision dated after April 1994 can be found using the normal search criteria.

ADV related documents

Advertisement Applications numbered S.1/ADV – S.1285/ADV dated November 1984 - May 1996:

CAC related documents

Conservation Area Consent Applications numbered S.CAC/1 - S.CAC/71/A – dated April 1987 - November 1995:

Restrictions on use

Although this information is public record, it is not permitted for users to download more than is necessary to carry out their legitimate business.

The taking and printing of copies is only permitted for:

  • Solicitors and conveyancers where it is necessary for a property transaction.
  • Householders to take copies for their personal use.
  • Individuals and companies for the purpose of research.

The taking and printing of copies is not permitted for:

  • Any third party re-use, distribution, repackaging or selling the data, in any form, without the written permission of Stroud District Council. All information on this site will remain the property of Stroud District Council regardless of the format in which it is held.

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