Planning applications

Planning applications

Search planning applications online and make comments.

Pre-application advice, how to submit your planning application, and download relevant documents, forms and guides.

Pre-application Protocols

Pre-application Community Involvement Protocol for the Stroud District

Parish and Town Councils Addendums


Alkington - PDF


Cam - PDF


Coaley - PDF

Dursley Town Council

Dursley - PDF



Ham and Stone

Ham and Stone  - PDF

Hillesley and Tresham


Hinton - PDF


Hardwicke - PDF


Kingswood- PDF



Nympsfield - PDF


Randwick - PDF


Rodborough - PDF


Slimbridge - PDF


Standish - PDF

Whiteshill and Ruscombe

Whiteshill - PDF


Whitminster - PDF


Woodchester - PDF


Commenting on Planning Applications.

Commenting on Planning Applications

With normal planning applications the Council will either place a "notice" at or near the site, alerting the public to the application, OR write to those neighbours who share a boundary. In general, the Council will place a site notice and may over-consult by writing to neighbours.

For listed buildings and other types of applications the Council will only place a site notice.

Some cases are not applications but notifications or technical matters and are not advertised. These include notification of using permitted development rights and minor amendments.

A small number of applications will be an advert in the local news paper (currently Stroud Life), but this is not an exhaustive list and should not be relied on as a comprehensive list of application.

Individuals or groups who would like to be notified of planning applications in their area are encouraged to sign up for email alerts

All applications and notifications are registered on the Council’s website and you can search for those local to you.

How to make a comment on a planning application.

Individuals or groups can comment on any current planning application by:

  • Writing to the case officer, Planning Service, Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, GL5 4UB
  • Emailing or
  • Completing the comments page on the website (search for the case and click the “+” symbol and then on the comments tab for that application)

This is an opportunity for you to make comment on an application. Unfortunately the Council cannot enter into dialogue regarding individual cases and as such your comments must be self contained, also any questions in your response will be treated as rhetorical. For a comment to be considered valid, it should refer to appropriate planning considerations, see below.

Respondents are encouraged to reference planning policies, be it local or national, though this is not essential.

You can monitor applications through our web site or keep abreast of applications in your neighbourhood by registering an email alert. We do not acknowledge correspondence as your letter will appear on our website. The Council is required to consider all comments on a planning application as being “public” and therefore published them on our website.

What should not go in your comments

We will endeavour to obscure phone numbers, email addresses and signatures (it will help if you do not include these in your comments); however your letter or email will be scanned and presented in its entirety. In exceptional circumstances the Council reserves the right to redact all, or any part of your comments from the website particularly if it is:

  • Inflammatory
  • Derogatory
  • Libellous
  • Not a planning matter

To ensure your comment is valid you should include:

  • the reference number (^ND,REFVAL.DCAPPL;)
  • your name, (Anonymous comments will not be considered as valid)
  • your full postal address, and
  • your comments.

As proximity to the site is a material consideration, if you do not include your address, we may not be able to give your arguments full weight, and will be unable to inform you of any appeal should the application be refused

Relevant planning considerations include:

Planning Policies as set out in the Local Plan and Governments guidance (NPPF).

  • Highways - access/roads unsuitable for the development. (Where access is a relevant consideration.)
  • Loss of light -dependant on the size of the development to a neighbouring property's principal windows.
  • Design/size/scale/materials of proposal in relation to existing property; neighbouring property(ies) general location.
  • Effect on/loss of protected trees or listed buildings
  • Setting of listed buildings or conservation areas.
  • Noise, fumes, smell, loss of privacy. Increased risk of flooding as a result of the proposal.
  • Loss of a valuable facility, particularly if dealt with in a Local Plan Policy.
  • Location of proposed development (e.g. is a proposed new dwelling within a recognised settlement boundary in the Local Plan).

The following includes a list of things, which are not normally valid planning considerations:

  • Loss of view
  • Civil restrictions such as restrictive covenants.
  • Personal matters relating to the applicant or others associated with the site .
  • Land ownership issues.
  • Retrospective nature of any proposal.
  • Principle of development just because it is in a conservation area, AONB etc....
  • Changes to land/property values.

Listed Building Consent applications

  • Only consideration is the effect on the Listed Building

Advertisement applications

  • public amenity and
  • road safety

What next

An application can either be determined by planning officers under the Council's Scheme of Delegation, or in certain circumstances an application may be referred to the Development Control Committee (only 1 in 20 applications are referred). The Council will publish the full reason for its decision on the website and these can be viewed at the offices. We will not write to you individually.

If the Council refuse the application, the applicant may appeal against the decision, usually to the Planning Inspectorate and your correspondence will be passed to the Inspector and the applicant. We can only let you know about any appeal if we have your full postal address on file. Please note that the English planning system does not allow neighbours or third parties to appeal against planning permission. You should also note that the Local Government Ombudsman cannot overturn a planning decision once issued.

Make a Planning Application

Is Planning Permission Required?

If you want to build an extension to your property or do other work to your home, or if you want to expand your business or change the use of your premises, you may need to apply for planning permission. Some minor alterations and extensions, particularly to houses, can often be carried out without the need for planning permission. This is known as permitted development.

View the Planning Portals interactive house to see if you need to apply.

How to Make an Application

Read our short guide to making a householder planning application

Supplementary Planning Advice

Design and Access Statements


Watch step by step video guide on completing planning applications - Please choose the help video you wish to view from the list below:

Please note that these videos are hosted on Youtube.

If you cannot view the videos, please ensure that you have Adobe Flash player installed on your computer.

If you are on a managed IT system and cannot view the videos, you should check with your IT department to see if access to the '' domain is being blocked.

How to fill in a planning application form - Part 1

How to fill in a planning application form - Part 2

What happens with a Householder Planning Application

How to avoid delays in your planning application

Make an Application

Apply online

The simplest way to submit a planning application is online via the planning portal. The Planning Portal also provides comprehensive information on planning issues and a facility to submit appeals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The guidance notes to accompany each application are available to download from the forms section.

Apply by post – Please Note, only one copy of the application form and drawings is required unless the property is Listed, where we require 2 copies.

To submit your application manually please download the appropriate form and accompanying guidance note.

You can submit an application by post, email or in person to:

Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill

Email: (however you will need to send a cheque to cover the application fee as you won't have a reference number of our pay on-line service)


Supplementary Planning Advice

Application Forms

Pre-application Advice
Please note the drop-in service for pre-application advice can be obtained between 10:00am to 13:00pm Mondays to Wednesdays and 13:00pm to 16:00pm Thursday and Friday at our Ebley Mill Offices. This is limited to 15 minutes. Request form Charges / Notes
Householder Applications    
Householder application for planning permission for works or extension to a dwelling Application form
Listed Building and Associated Application Forms
Householder Application for planning permission for works or extension to a dwelling and Listed Building Consent Application form
Full Planning Permission and consent to display advertisement Application form
New Buildings and Non-domestic Activities    
Application for full planning permission Application form
Full Planning Permission and listed building consent for alterations, extension or demolition of a Listed Building Application form
Full Planning Permission and consent to display advertisement Application form

Listed Building Consent

Listed Building Consent for alterations, extension or demolition of a Listed Building Application form

Outline and Reserved Matters

Application for Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved Application form
Application for Outline Planning Permission with some Matters Reserved Application form
Application for Approval of Reserved Matters following outline approval Application form
Discharging, Removing and varying existing conditions    
Approval of details reserved by condition Application form
Removal of variation of a condition following grant of Planning Permission Application form
Minor Amendment to an Approved Scheme Application form
Adverts, Trees and Hedgerows    
Application for consent to display an advertisement Application form
Application for tree works, works to trees subject to a preservation order (TPO) and or notification of proposed works to trees in a Conservation area. Application form
Application for hedgerow removal notice Application form
Prior Notifications    

Householder extensions (up to 6 or 8 metres)

Application form Check list

Agricultural or forestry development - proposed building

Application form
Agricultural or forestry development - proposed fish tank (cage) Application form
Agricultural or forestry development - proposed road Application form
Telecommunications code system operators Application form
Proposed demolition Application form
Agricultural building change of use to a state-funded school or registered nursery Application form  
Application for a proposed change of use of a building from a retail use to a dwelling Application form  
Change of Use Notifications    
Notification of the change of use of an agricultural building to commercial (less than 150m2) Application form  
Certificates of Lawfulness    

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a Proposed use or development

Application form
Application for a Lawful Certificate for a listed building Application form  
Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing use or operation Application form